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RYT 200hr, Owner



RYT 200 hr



RYT 200 hr

From the Owner, Kate Jones, RYT 200

"One thing you’ll learn about me is that I am an open book. So if you ask me why I opened a hot yoga studio, the answer is, 'because I was tired of saying, "do as I say and not as I do"!' 


"You will find my story to be very familiar to most of your own. I was introduced to yoga 20+ years ago while dancing to aid in increasing flexibility. While I enjoyed yoga immensely, I did not continue with my practice once beginning college... and then marriage... and then life. In my early 20’s I was hit with a barrage of medical issues all of which I still deal with every day: autoimmune, neurological disorders, sciatica, SI joint, among countless others. I have done all the things: chiropractic, acupuncture, personal trainers, seen all the specialists, completed all the known treatment, and still, the issues remain present. The only long-term relief truly found was when I was engaging in yoga multiple times a week. I especially find relief (both mentally and physically) in the slow and purposeful practices of Hatha and Yin and wanted to create a space that offered Yin practices daily. I hope that you can practice self-care, and we can both say, 'do as I do!'"

Why 'Truss'

Truss bridges are considered one of the strongest bridge designs engineered. My mission, belief, and goal in life is to aid people in bridging the gaps between mind, body, and soul/spirit. When it came to naming the hot yoga studio, it seemed an obvious choice!

Our Story


Hot Yoga 

Increased Flexibility: Because infrared heat is directly warming the muscles, it opens them up allowing for a greater range of motion. Research has found the ability to stretch is increased as much as three times ones normal amount in the infrared environment. This allows yoga students to open up, melt deep into the poses and gain confidence in their yoga practice.


Increased Circulation: Infrared heat has been shown to stimulate blood flow by opening up the body’s capillaries. This has an incredible effect on the body and offers a variety of benefits. It can help lower blood pressure, oxygenate the organs and rid the body of toxins.


Detoxification: Simply put, infrared heat will make you sweat. Which is a good thing because sweating is the body’s natural way of flushing toxins. As bodies absorb infrared heat, water molecules begin to vibrate, which causes them to wring out impurities from the cells and expel them into the blood. These impurities will then be released from your body as you sweat, creating a deep, detoxifying cleanse on the cellular level. 


Pain Relief: Infrared heat directly penetrates tissue, muscles and joints, allowing them to heal and regenerate. This is accomplished through a combination of the aforementioned increased circulation, oxygenation and detoxification. Infrared heat is incredibly useful for pain relief for both minor injuries and chronic ailments. It’s no surprise then that infrared heat is often the preferred method of many physical therapists, saunas and yoga studios around the world.